Location: Setting Sail South from Nevis

I am the one who is the skipper of the day, and what an interesting day it was. We had a fairly laid back day planned out, but of course, Ocean Star had other plans for us. After another super informational Oceanography class taught by Coach Ivy, we all decided to kick back, relax, and maybe do a bit of homework. Later, a few of us headed into shore to do some provisioning with Tor while others got down and dirty cleaning our classroom/ living area down below. It was some great group bonding. This left us excited for the afternoon in which we had a heated debate about the qualities of leadership. Lastly, we prepped for our sail to Grenada that we are sailing off for in about t-minus 30 min. This sail is extra special because we are not planning on running our engine at all, sailing right off the mooring ball, and heading south with some nice wind at our backs. We are sad to leave the beautiful island of Nevis, including local hot spots such as Sunshine’s and our new friend, local reggae artist, Watusi. I hope for the crew, staff, and myself for a better 60-hour passage down south. Hopefully, we won’t be seeing the scrumptious dinner we just ate anytime soon. Now I have to run to raise some sails and corral the crew into a more productive mood! Our very capable captain has been inspiring us all, as are all the staff, including Thunderous Tor, Mountain Dew Matty, and lastly, Ms. Ivy League. As for the folks at home- Hope the extra cold and icy north is treating everyone well. The crew sends their regards to family and friends! Adios from the crew of the one and only, amazing schooner, Ocean Star as she sails into the night headed for mythical lands far far away.