Location: Gibraltar

7:30-BREAKFAST (potatoes and scrambled eggs) 8:15- OCE class 9:30- MTE class 12:00- LUNCH (sandwiches) FREE TIME 6:30 DINNER (chili) MORE FREE TIME 11:00- Curfew These past couple days the SEAmester crew have been quite spoiled: hot showers, free internet, fresh laundry, a new shiny white mainsail and jib, and plentiful Gibraltar shore time. What more could we want?

HIGHLIGHTS of the day: – little propane leak on deck cut breakfast short – tides and currents in MTE class. Did you know the father away from the equator you get, the greater a tide varies? – bending (installing) the new jib sail – raising Leah to the top of the mainmast (over 100 ft) – PROVISIONING (200 boxes of cereal!!!) How can it all fit? – meeting about adjusting to passage life (from now on, we will be spending less time in port and more time at sea) – a small group hiked the Rock of Gibraltarthere were monkeys. One student claims while trying to get the monkey to drink from his water bottle, it lightly bit his arm. DONT WORRY! The skin wasn’t broken. – One crewmember (after dinner) went out and bought himself the first steak he’s had in four weeks. He said it was medium rare, juicy, tendered, and seared. – NIGHT BOWLING!

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