Location: Cartegena, Spain

The day began with some delicious lemon poppy seed and chocolate muffins courtesy of head chef Leah. With sandwiches made and lunches packed shipmates were ready to burn off some of those breakfast carbs on a scheduled hike. After initial problems locating the Bus stop and the Captain taking a soccer ball to the face everyone disembarked and made the uphill journey to Roldan and some fantastic views of Cartegena and the surrounding islands. Upon the summit shipmates were greeted with an old Spanish garrison from the civil war period. A downhill trek to El Portus followed snack time where everyone was greeted with a typical Mediterranean pebbly beach, undeterred an epic came of ultimate Frisbee ensued while others preferred to watch some of the local spear fishermen in action. The Hike ended with a short final leg to a small town called Galifa and a short bus ride back to the marina where we were all reunited and welcomed back to Argo with a delicious chicken ratatouille. MTE and SLD are tonight’s main events.