Location: St. John, USVI

Today was our hike day. We woke up at 7 and had a relaxing morning which featured coffee cake for breakfast. Afterward, we packed backpacks and bag lunch and dinghy-ed over to our hike site on the other side of the island. Our hike site was a reef bay trail in the Virgin Islands National Park. The trail was on the island of St. John- we expected the hike to be a maximum of 3 hours, but because none of us had ever done that hike before, we ended up spending our whole morning there, as well as most of the afternoon. After we finished hiking, we had lunch on the beach until our staff came to pick us up. We only arrived back on the boat around 3:00 pm, but soon decided that we wanted more land time, so we packed up dinner ingredients and had a cookout on the beach. There were a few grills available on the beach that we went to, so our staff manned the grills while we helped layout other food. After dinner, we played volleyball and frisbee in the water, and then came back to the boat for showers.