Location: St. John, USVI

This morning I thought about waking everyone up with the dinner bell again, but I decided not to. For breakfast, Will tried to make french toast, but it fermented overnight and turned into a dough monster. So instead, we had pancakes. Will decided that he was going to use his own special recipe that he just made up this morning. They also made some crapes and normal pancakes, but the special ones kind of turned out like civil war stone biscuits, but they were really good, and I could keep them in my pocket all day for little snacks. After breakfast, we motored over to a rock for diving. After diving, we had some nice tasting tacos for lunch that were even better than civil war stone biscuits. While everyone went on a second dive, I stayed back with a couple of people and hung out in the saloon. Then all of a sudden, it was shower time, and the companionway decided it didn’t like me anymore, so it scraped my knee on my way up for showers. For dinner, we had twice-baked potatoes with cheese. Halfway through our squeeze, Evan’s parents came by and said hi from their dinghy for about 30 seconds. It was nice to have insight into his family circle. Now everyone is cleaning up and doing boat chores while I’m writing this, and then we are going to analyze the leadership in Madagascar 2, and then it’s sleep time.
(Will and I are good friends from back home)