Location: Porto Azzurro, Elba

This morning some people experienced their first Professional Skipper and Crew Training class while others went to shore to explore the town and eat some lunch. At 2:00, we began our hike up the mountain we had been staring at from the boat for the past day. The way up was extremely steep. Some may say more of a trek than a hike, but the view was completely worth it. We had a beautiful view of the port as well as the whole island. The way back down was more eventful. We saw mountain goats, and a few people got briefly lost on back trekking mission. When we finally got back to the dock, we had to wait for Argo to pull up the anchor to go pick up the rest of the crew on shore. Sam docked as skillfully as ever. Great times. Xoxo Skipper Laurel

set date:2012-09-27