Location: Grenada

We started off the day with fantastic personalized omelets courtesy of our head chef, Nash. We then rushed to get ready for a full day of hiking. The first hike was more strenuous; we hiked up and along the ridge of a mountain range. We finished on a big rock on the summit of Mt. Qua Qua. After the hike back down, we ate lunch by a mountain lake, and walked a short way to the beginning of our next hike. We were met at the entrance by a man called Super Butterfly. He cut us some sugarcane to chew on the way to our destination: the Seven Sisters waterfalls. We split into two groups, one went up to jump off the waterfalls, while the rest hung out by a pool at the base of the final fall, then the groups switched. There was a steep climb to get to the top of the chain of falls. When we reached the top, we immediately started climbing down to the spot of the first jump. It was only about 10 feet up, but we had to jump out to avoid some submerged rocks. After everybody had jumped down, we continued making our way down the river. There were three more smaller jumps before we arrived at the top of the big one. It is a 35 foot drop, but of course it looks higher from on top. I jumped down first to get my camera and take pictures of everyone else. After that, everybody followed with varying degrees of terror on their faces. Super Butterfly finished it off with a perfect back flip. We hurried back to the boat for dinner and a Marine Biology class. All in all, it was a great day filled with hiking, jumping off waterfalls, and a man called Super Butterfly.