Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

It was an early morning on Ocean Star today as the crew got ready to hike. We were up at 6:30, packed our lunches, and ate eggs, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. Because of the rainfall the past few days, the trail up the mountain was muddy. My shoe choice was not the best; brown stands out on a light grey shoe. The hike was long and hard since this was the first time many of us really got to stretch our legs. However, it was worth it; the view was spectacular. Once we made it back to where we started, we took the opportunity to rest, eat lunch, play with kittens, and taste some local spices. We then made a quick two-mile hike down the road to a yellow shack, where we met our guide for the Seven Sisters Waterfalls tour. As we leisurely walked, he pointed out different spice trees, our favorite being the one that smelled of cinnamon. The first waterfalls we came to were beautiful, two in rapid succession. Everyone jumped in at the small one; the cold water felt refreshing after the hikes we had done. The guide inquired as to who would want to take another short hike up to the large 40ft waterfall and make the jump. I raised my hand immediately. We then began to climb another path, this one requiring us to claw our way up on all fours, but we quickly found ourselves at the first sister. To make it to the largest and last fall, we had to climb then jump off of the five smaller ones. We were fortunate in seeing the true beauty of the island: lush canopy over the gorge through which the river ran. Finally, we arrived and could see the rest of the crew below. We jumped off the waterfall fearlessly; it was exhilarating. I felt a sense of accomplishment and triumph, popping my head out of the water and hear cheering from the others. I, along with a few others, did the climb and big jump multiple times, each being better than the last. Soon after, we slowly made our way back up the hill, thanking our guide as we piled into the taxi to head back. We were happy to be back on Ocean Star to shower and stuff our faces with baked potatoes and Caesar salad before having class and settling in for what we hope is a good night’s rest.