Location: Saint-Pierre, Martinique

Today we climbed into and out of a volcano that last exploded in 1902, destroying the town of St. Pierre, where we are currently anchored. It was an epic hike into and above the clouds, with spirit-crushing sections and awe-inspiring views when the mist cleared. At the summit, as we enjoyed our packed sandwiches and jungle energy bars (two each! Yay!), we could see Argo through the clouds above which we were seated. On our way down, the mist cleared, and we could see what we had climbed as well as the ocean on both sides of the island. The majestic views helped the at times challenging terrain take our breaths away. It was a truly amazing hike and a great way to spend our morning. Upon our return to the base, we enjoyed some burgers, ice cream, and cold water from the restaurant before returning to our beloved Argo for some showers and sail preparation, for we will be leaving this lovely island tomorrow morning. While here, we got to explore the ruins of old St. Pierre, see the museum, hear about the one survivor of the eruption, sample classic French food like crepes and baguettes, hike into the caldera of a volcano, and of course, have some great times aboard our floating home, Argo. Tonight, after a delicious dinner of pizza on French bread and some Ariana birthday cake, we had a captivating OCE class full of chocolate cookies, candies, and lots of laughter. Even with all the extra sugar, most people have checked their anchor watch and moved off to bed, for it has been a long and exciting day.