Location: Statia

An action-packed day started off with some “sweet” creme brulee french toast, a la Winston. We then dingied to shore to hike the Quill, a dormant volcano on Statia. We all made it up the two-hour hike and met back in the town for some Chinese food. After lunch, we assembled back on Ocean Star and were picked up by Golden Rock Divers to dive the recently sunk 100m cable laying ship, the C/S Charles L Brown. We motored out to the wreck with Golden Rock at 2:30 p.m. Not yet overtaken by sealife, the Charlie Brown was possibly the most impressive wreck this skipper has ever seen. We penetrated the wreck and explored some of the exterior superstructure. Amazing dive. We returned to prepare for dinner and witnessed two waterspouts on a distant squall. After a good vegetable stirfry, we had the last of our OCE marathon class. A fun day – good hike, good dive, and Dutch people.