Location: Passage to St Barth's

The day began early at 6am with an optional hike to Fort Berkeley, that only Dave and I made. Unfortunately many of the people who had wanted to were otherwise committed by a little gift from Shirley Heights (or possibly St Johns!). breakfast began promptly at 7:15, accompanied by a few stories for entertainment, and a massive clean up, and boat prep. We waited for Mrs Baltimore to return our laundry and then were out of the port by 9am. We motored out past Cidi’s reef and then raised sails and cut the engine. It was great to be undersail, without the engine, it was awesome. The day was fairly calm and we made an average of 6 knots. Barbie and Beaker served up terriaki noodles for lunch and leftover stew for dinner – which many were forced to skip due to uneasiness still present from Shirley Heights! We had dolphins in our bow at 5pm and beautiful stars and a lightening storm off to the port after dinner, for those who didn’t wobble out. Boomer brought up his guitar an Gretchen and I made tea and cocoa for everyone, and we sang kum-ba-yah (just kidding about the singing!). But watch team awesome, lead by Steph, was formed and held strong as we pulled into St Barths around midnight, lowered sails and anchored, calling it a night.

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