Location: Nevis

Hello everyone at home! Today is day nine on Ocean Star, and we had an especially awesome day. We had a bit of an earlier wake-up this morning, starting the day with some delicious blueberry bread with yogurt. Then we did a quick clean-up and got right into the activities for the day: shore excursions!

We dinghied to the dock and took our first steps on Nevis (for many of us, our first steps on land in a week!) We split into two groups. Some went on a beautiful bike ride around the island with Drew. We stopped off at a beach and swam for a while. After eating lunch, we rode to a nice cafe near the beach and had some amazing (and refreshingly cold) mango smoothies. We rode back to the dock and stopped by a market, then swam a bit more. The rest of the group went horseback riding on the beach with Meghan. Some horses took off running, and others went into the water a bit too deep, but the views were beautiful. Then they walked around Nevis, stopping at Sip City for some smoothies. Everyone had a great time. We all met up back at the dock and rode back to the boat for some chill time before class. We sat in the saloon together (enjoying a rarity on the boat: AC) while listening to music.

Then, we had an oceanography class with Heather. We learned about the history of the ocean and many explorers.

After that, we took our boat showers and got ready for dinner on shore. We ate together at a nice restaurant called Sunshines, enjoying a family-style meal and a few fun drinks on our first sign-out night. Finally, we headed back to the boat for a night of anchor watches.