Location: Roseau, Dominica

I want to start off this blog post by expressing how amazing today was, the beauty of Dominica blew my mind. Today started off like any other day with a simple (not) morning wake up, followed by some delicious eggs and bacon soon after, we were sent ashore on the small powerboat and awaited the arrival of our tour guide, Sea Cat.

Sea Cat was quite a unique character, indeed. Boisterous, gregarious, and downright hilarious, Sea Cat led us across the Dominican countryside to show us all sides of the island. We first stopped at an indigenous Arawak village, where a local sold us some salted and smoked chicken. Honestly, some of the best chicken I have ever eaten. (Mom we need to learn how to make something that good on the green egg)

Next was a small dip at the Emerald Pool, a small waterfall that led to a pond. Cold but refreshing, we spent our time softly splashing around in the water for a bit. Afterward, we had a quick stop at the beach.

Next was Trafalgar Falls, a hidden beauty that took a small hike to get too. We spent our time trying to battle the currents of this massive waterfall, playing daring games in the pond directly underneath. To soothe our shivering bodies, we were able to bathe in hot spring water literally 20 feet from the falls. Warm and bath-like the crew enjoyed every last minute we could of the near-steaming water. Today was unlike anything I have ever done before, the beauty of this island amazes me.

Mom and Dad and Marisa and Chelly and Kalah, miss you guys a bunch! Will see you guys soon, I can’t wait to see everyone. Miss Denver every day, and Im thankful for you guys.