Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

The whole crew roused themselves this morning well before our normal 7 AM wake up and began reflecting on our wonderful night out last night, as well as all the interesting characters we encountered being on the mainland after dark. After a filling breakfast of pancakes, one of our favorite morning staples, the student crew rolled into a Marine Biology review session with Steph in preparation for our exam that is only two short days away. Once that was completed, the crew had a couple of hours of personal time that many people chose to spend relaxing or studying by the pool at the magnificent Hotel Capella for the second day in a row.


Lunch was followed by PEN class with Eric in which we discussed speed-distance-time calculations and how to plot a dead reckoning on our navigational charts. The crew promptly began passage prep after class, and Ocean Star has moved a short distance to the fuel dock to top up her diesel tanks. While the tanks were filling, the students had one final hour ashore to say goodbye to the various amenities that they had been enjoying for the last two days. Some students enjoyed a few scoops of ice cream, others took a hot freshwater shower for the first time since leaving home, and a few could be found by the infinity pool soaking up some sun.
A dinner of pesto tortellini was met with an amazing reception, and for our customary squeeze question, I asked the crew to reflect on the trip thus far by telling everyone something they had learned about themselves or the world since coming aboard Ocean Star. Our time here in Marigot Bay has served as a good time to rest and recuperate and mark the halfway point on our journey. To hear all that everyone has learned about himself or herself and see how each individual has evolved was astounding, especially when you consider that we still have another half of the trip to go. Now we set about readying our ship for her overnight passage to Martinique.