Location: Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

Dear people,
Today was great, as usual. Everyone had a nice wake up to some good old-fashioned Buffalo Springfield, always a classic. Then I started the day off with snapping a ratline while attempting a pull-up, these muscles might be a little too much for O. Star, but that’s okay. Then the day proceeded with the motor to Marigot, aka Mandingo bay. Upon our arrival, Noel, our new friend, was attempting to sell the crew and me some bananas while dressed in his Santa hat, but sadly, today didn’t turn out to be Christmas for him, because we didn’t buy his fruit. As we gathered onshore after lunch, we had to plunge ourselves through hoards of Germans to get off of the pier, thanks to the cruise ship Europa 2 that anchored shortly before our arrival. The tourists seemed so happy and full of life, and it nearly made my day just by looking at them. After working up a sweat while trying to make our way through the crowd, we cooled off in the hotel’s chilly infinity pool, and believe me; I sure could have stayed in there for infinity b/c it felt so nice in this hot weather. In addition, to wrap up this awesome day, Big Mark and I both splurged and ate eight whole scoops of ice cream between the both of us. Mark really enjoyed the coconut-flavored ice cream as I enjoyed the chocolate. To all the homeboys and homegirls reading this, don’t miss me too much, I’ll be home soon enough.
Until Next time, WWW3