Location: Petit Piton Point, St. Lucia

The crew was awoken to the beautiful and awe-inspiring sight of the cliffside mountain of the Petit Piton, here in St. Lucia. The crew was treated to a meal of citrus muffins and fruit for breakfast, under a sunny sky. Unfortunately, though, the weather did not hold, and rain came over the island for the remainder of the day. This did not, however, deter the adventurous spirit of the crew in the least. The day went on as scheduled; we started with a presentation by the local marine park rangers (SMMA), and a guided drift dive at a site known as Superman Flight around the base of Petit Piton. During this dive, our guides speared invasive lionfish and secured them in a container they called a zookeeper. Once out of the water, we did lionfish dissections with them on deck, during which they showed us where their venomous spines are and how to properly gut and filet the fish without accidentally pricking ourselves. We then refined our navigation skills further by learning how to triangulate our position on charts to orient ourselves during an MTE class with Eric. The day finally concluded with a special dinner of lo mein noodles and freshly caught lionfish from the dive, followed by one last class with Captain Smudge.