Location: Anchored Off Madeira

This morning started off strong with some sail handling and amazing bowls of boatmeal. After a brief squall, the weather cleared, and Watch Team 3 enjoyed some sunshine and good music. Then, the galley team, headed by Mo, served up some delicious veggie lasagna for lunch. Afterward, we had Leadership, where we each gave one-minute-long “How To” presentations. Each person was assigned a topic that played to their strengths and expertise; topics included how to write a love song, how to roam the corridor at night, and how to begin a career as a DJ. Afterward, we had a Marine Biology lecture on mollusks, where we learned just how wacky nudibranchs are. For dinner, Mo and co. Treated us to some classic Southern comfort food, including corn, sweet potatoes in applesauce, pork shoulder, and dinner rolls. As the sunset, we approached Madeira, feeling very proud after another successful passage. After dinner, we began the process of dropping the sails and preparing to anchor. JP and Marion did a superb job of relaying information from the bow to the stern so that we could anchor smoothly. During the squeeze, we all took in the beautiful city lights while reflecting on our day. The question for the night was, “What did you do today that you’re proud of?” Answers included helming with more confidence, cleaning the Starboard Six-Man, and sharing Oreos without a second thought. We’re all super excited to experience Madeira and can’t wait for tomorrow!

Pictured: Michael demonstrating how to do a proper impression of Smash; Jake, Adina, Claudia, and Margaux modeling their PFDs; Madeira as we arrived near sunset.