Location: Underway to Madeira

Today got off to an electric start! Around 5 am, watch team 2 saw a bright green and blue comet streak across half the night sky. Naturally, we assumed either E.T. or Stitch had landed. When watch team 3 came on the scene, they had to perform a jibe in the heavy seas we have been experiencing all last night and today. They did a great job, and their sail trim had Argo pushing 15 knots. For all you landlubbers, that is fast. Really fast. We surfed down waves all day and having the swell on our stern made for relatively smooth sailing. We also crossed paths with another vessel named Argo! Obviously, our ship is way cooler and crewed by a far more handsome and scurvy band of sailors than this imitator Argo.

We had an oceanography exam today. It was kind of challenging, but we got bonus points for drawing an octopus, so everyone should be able to scrounge up a passing grade (besides those who drew an octopus with five tentacles). Next, we had a diddy bag-making orientation class with Brahm. These bags are made using the same techniques one would need to fashion their own sails by hand. It was really fun, and we suffered minimal casualties while handling the razors.

We had a tasty dinner cooked by Ethan and the boys + Mo. Chili and cornbread hits right every time. The sunset was beauteous, and the squeeze was a great time. The question of the day was, “What would the person to your right be in animal form?” Captain Tim is a cuttlefish; Jake is Sid the Sloth from Ice Age; I am a centaur.

Stoke levels are high as we anticipate arrival in Madeira around noon tomorrow!


Watch team 3 jibes in gnarly waves.

JP is angry he has to take an oceanography exam.

Everyone enjoys making rig bags!

Current position: 33 28.81’N x 020 09.29’W