Location: Kumai River, Borneo, Indonesia

Good Morning America! An early start the morning for the Yachtmaster trainees, weighing anchor at 04:30 in order to beat the tides and make it upriver to the town of Kumai, known locally for its superb bird’s nest stew factories. Upon arrival, we were met by our good friend and jungle tour organizer, Gilang. We gathered all our jungle rations and survival tools, separated into 4 groups, and embarked on a 4-hour river cruise into the heart of the Borneo jungle to visit our distant tree-dwelling orange friends, the Orangutans. We arrived at a major jungle reserve in time for the 2 O’clock feeding frenzy. The excitement amongst shipmates was clear on all their faces as if they’d been transformed back to their childhoods and were heading to Busch Gardens for the very first time. Having dined on a feast of Bananas and milk, one lone female Orangutan and infant took a particular liking to Luis. The day finished with a game of volleyball against the local jungle guides, who proved to be too good for the visitors (although a number of rules and umpiring decisions were questionable) and a delicious meal aboard the boats before bunking down in some improvised bedding and mosquito nets for the night. This is Peanut signing off.