Location: Atlantic Ocean

Today was day 3 of passage, and I am now starting to see why air travel was invented. I’m sure you, dear readers, hear about the rolling of the ocean and our 45-degree keel, but I worry that this conceptually doesn’t seem as harsh as it is. To all reading, I’d like you to take your forearm and raise it in front of you, level with the ground, and then move your hand up so that your arm is perfectly diagonal and angled up at 45 degrees. Now, I’d like you to picture yourself cleaning a bathroom at that angle. This is a fun externality of living at sea, but it is amusing to watch yourself try to navigate down below, holding yourself to the walls like someone with a .35 BAC to make sure you don’t fly to the other side of the galley. Time is mostly a blur consisting of watch, sleeping, and eating. Today I spent a fair bit of time wondering how I’ll describe this program in job interviews, and we also watched Captain Phillips prepare for the Somalian forces awaiting us in the Med. It was also the first day of no one throwing up due to seasickness, which is possibly due to the fact that we’ve all been popping Dramamine like Tic-Tacs, but I’ll attribute it to our collective unbreakable spirit. We also had classes down below today, which are going well, but I am glad most universities stick to an on-land teaching model that avoids a bit of nausea. In case this sarcastic tone doesn’t travel well over blog format, rest assured that we are all safe and in relatively good spirits, especially since Tom decided to bless us with a few hours of AC last night.

Slowly succumbing to scurvy,
Case Rohrbacher

Picture 1: No shave passage is going well
Picture 2: Boat food has been surprisingly good, seconds today was a traditional Mexican salsa tortilla
Picture 3: Cute boat pic <3