Location: of the tip of Madagascar

Today was another day in passage routine. Nothing special and nothing new. I guess thats the beauty of it, though. Waking up for watch, going back to sleep, waking up for morning free time, lunch, cleanup, class, class, showers, diner, clean up, free time. Cycle, cycle, cycle. 31 individuals floating adrift an ocean sanctuary, provider for seven billion humans, and an unknown total of creatures that dwell below. We kinda small, yo. Each of us here with a calling for spontaneous adventure; we charge into the abyss with no regard toward challenges but with passion for change. Resilience through the uncomfortable, acceptance of adversity, the highs and the lows accompanying exploration are the same, which drive our spirits through each days flame and each nights silence. We do be kinda loud on watch tho. The routine becomes a beautiful opera of the mind as activities repeat and trials occur only within oneself. This is the challenge and the change. I love dat shi. We guzzle coffee and tea on the hour, distribute lollipops by the dozen, arise to the morning breeze, and hold hands to the kiss of the setting sun upon ribboned skies. I am sure our water world, which spans farther than eyes can see, eagerly tunes into our acoustic hum of appreciations at dusk. (And occasional trashy birthday songs, happy birthday, Max.)

Well… sitting in this red room, I become eager myself to crawl on deck, lay under the stars amongst warm-hearted peers, and breathe relief of another day over conversations, music, or a scary story podcast. Silence stay ripe foreva,



Seth C.

Photos: (All by Dylan Hardt)

1. Mo handles the main stay’sl sheet.

2. Smudge pours salt water into the dish buckets before dinner.