Location: 10*42,867S. 54*46,159E

As you may have heard, we have changed our watch schedule around so we can all get more sleep. A fourth watch team was made, and I am lucky enough to really get to know another group of lovely humans. Last night’s watch really solidified my good feelings. We sat in the cockpit eating skittles and listening to scary stories and conspiracy theories. If you ever get bored, look up stories about the things that Search and Rescue responders have seen on the job… It is wild.

Normally we start our days together with final wake-ups at 11:30. Today, as a skipper, I did just that. Lunch was a little later than expected as we could only use the oven and not the stove. With all the quick-thinking humans we have on board, within a couple of minutes, the oven was on, and adjustments were made. Lunch may have been almost two hours late, but now we all know that you can, in fact, bake rice!


Another bright side is that most of us students had some extra time to study for our Oceanography midterm today. Everyone was really focused on studying these past couple of days, so I think it is safe to say that we all did pretty well. After our test, we jumped right into Seamanship to work on our navigation skills.

The baked potato bar for dinner was a hit and apparently reminded everyone of Friday nights and football games. It was also our first time having bacon on the boat. I am vegan now, but I may or may not have stolen a bite…

Thanks to Mo, Sam, and Val, we had delicious chocolate chip cookies for dessert as well.

All in all, it was a good day, and we are all happy to be back at sea. The propane works again, by the way.

That’s all for now… See ya next time!




1. Val, Mo, and Sam

2. Smudge, Trey, Val, Mo, Sam, and Emily

3. Trey gazing over the best potatoes ever made