Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

Today was a stark contrast to the adventurous and wild days prior. We got a much-appreciated rest day and were sheltered from the bumpy seas by the crescent-shaped Great Harbour Peter. Waking up to glassy seas and calm winds was a welcome treat. After eating breakfast, the Rescue Dive class jumped off Ocean Star in our dive gear and practiced rescue breathing with an unresponsive diver on the surface which posed the challenge of giving rescue breaths to an unresponsive victim in the water while removing their gear as well as your own and then pulling them into a dinghy unassisted. Overall it was a very tiring process. During this time, the non-rescue divers sat in on a navigation briefing with Tom to help them get a much-needed leg up on the exam. They practiced various charting techniques such as the 3 point location.

The afternoon started with a 3-hour study break to help us prepare for several projects and exams we have looming over us in the coming days. We then had a sequel to Amy’s Gettysburg Address in Oceanography class (although I would like it more the King’s I Have a Dream Speech). We then took our first aid exam, had dinner, and then seamanship. We are in good spirits and are highly anticipating the fun to be had in the coming days.

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