Location: Tobago Cayes

Today was a relaxing day for the Ocean Star crew. Everyone began the day with a hearty breakfast of eggs, baked beans, and sausages, followed by a marine biology class. I began my day with a new birthday tradition: kissing the freshly caught fish that would be my birthday dinner. After class was over, the Ocean Star set sail for Petit Tabac, a small island where the classic Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was filmed where the notable scene in which the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow is marooned with Elizabeth Swan. Students relaxed on the island and spent most of their time lying in the sun, reading in hammocks, swimming, exploring the island, and climbing trees for coconuts. Students also finished their essays on invasive lionfish and how lionfish are negatively affecting the Caribbean’s marine life. The day ended with a big meal of fresh Mahi Mahi that we bought off a local fisherman this morning, french fries, vegetables, beans, and rice, and was followed by blondies for dessert. Tomorrow the Ocean Star sets sail for Bequia.