Location: Tobago Cayes

We began today by learning about the properties and chemistry of water in the Oceanography class. It is great to learn about the molecule that we spend all of our time on, in, and around. After learning about the physics and chemistry of water, we switched modes to biology and donned our masks and fins to observe juvenile green turtles in their natural habitat. Even though it was windy and the seas choppy, the Caribbean provided us with clear blue water to watch the sea turtles feeding on seagrass and algae. We even observed turtles with tags in their flippers. Scientists use these tags to track individuals, and I look forward to reporting our sightings. Snorkeling worked up our appetite, which was sated with chicken salad sandwiches for lunch, followed by a continuation of our Emergency First Responder course. This part of the course was hands-on, and we practiced responding to life-threatening injuries with CPR and less serious injuries with splints and bandages. After the class was our ritual evening ocean shower, and then we dined on spaghetti and meatballs. We are now preparing our Ocean Star outdoor movie theater (really a projector and a bedsheet!) to have a post-dinner showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. Arggghhhh!