Location: Ile Fourche, St. Barths

Today was incredibly peaceful. After the luxury of sleeping in until 7:30am we motored over to a rocky desert island called, “Ile Forche”. Although it is not much to look at it is remarkably beautiful. The water is that perfect Caribbean Blue, in fact we could look down and see the bottom perfectly clear at around 35 feet. We also got to see some fun marine life when a sea turtle swam by not once, but twice in the afternoon. After we anchored we had an OCE quiz reviewing our knowledge on tides and currents along with how the elements affect these. My favorite “fun fact” is when we learned about gyres. The idea presented was how could surfers in Florida go out all year long and never have to wear wetsuits when just to the West in sunny Cali you would freeze your butt off? In the ocean we have currents that due to the Coriolis Effect have a slight shift to the right or to the left (depending on if you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, in this case we are talking about the Northern Hemisphere so our currents shift to the right). Essentially water in the Atlantic Ocean moves along the east coast from the south where it is warm from the equator. This same process is happening on the West Coast but because their waters are coming straight from the north they are getting hit with cold temperatures. At least that’s what I tried to convey on the quiz we took today. After that we had an MTE class and then lunch! After lunch we went on an AWESOME dive, definitely the best yet. As soon as this blog is done I have to scurry off to another OCE class where we will begin our biology lessons. Whoop. Peace B.

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