Location: Underway to St. Barths

If there ever was a leisurely sail, today was it. It reminded me a lot of Santa’s sleigh ride, except in the sweltering heat. We all woke up bright and early at O-Dark-Thirty (0500 to be exact). It took a while for everyone to shake the sleep out of their eyes, but after some extremely strong coffee, we all got it together. Raising the sails this morning was done exceptionally (if I do say so myself). We got all 4 sails up in 10 minutes! Once we left beautiful English Harbour, we sailed a broad reach for the entire day. For you land folk, a broad reach is when the boat sails almost in the direction of the wind. This point of sail typically brings us sailing close to the speed of the wind. When sailing at a broad reach, the apparent wind over the deck is very slow, if any. For the first half of the day, the wind was almost still over the decks of Ocean Star, which provided for an especially hot sail. Other than the early morning heat, we couldn’t have asked for a more uneventful and peaceful day of sailing. When we arrived at St. Barth’s, we sailed the last 2 miles of our voyage with a 20 million dollar sailing yacht off our port. Just watching the fully automated raising and trimming of the sails gave us all a sense of pride for doing it all manually on our beautiful schooner. With some delicious Jambalaya for dinner, we flaked the sails and retired early.