Location: Charlestown, Nevis

On the 11th day, the crew awakened to the melodious sound of The Lion King soundtrack. For a couple of days now, we’ve been aware we’d be going ashore to mainland Nevis, so everyone was excited to get up and start the day. On Nevis, we had the choice of three activities; bike riding around the entire island, sea kayaking, or horseback riding. From the first moment Steph announced these choices, bike riding stood out as the favorite.

After a quick but satisfying breakfast of cereal, we shuttled to shore and from there were split up into two groups. Three of us chose to go horse riding, and the rest of us met up with our sweet taxi driver, Hilerina, to drive us to bike riding. A short van ride brought us to the bike rental place where we were fitted to bikes and received helmets from Derek, the bike guy. To prep for our lengthy bike excursion, we all brought a bag with water, sunscreen, and any other supplies we thought necessary to carry.

The guidelines for the bike ride were simple, attempt to complete the 22-mile bike ride around the island, and if you need any help, call Derek. Before we set off, Amy laid us down only one rule to follow, a rule that the skipper failed to follow… stay with a buddy!! And just like that, we were underway around 9:30. Everyone fell at their own pace rather quickly; progress was made slow and steady. About fifteen minutes in, the skipper for the day pulled away from everyone else and decided he would he was not going to follow the one rule set down. His reasoning was, “no one was keeping pace with me! And it was all in good competitive spirit”, but Amy digressed.

About an hour into the bike ride, everyone was spread out along the route going different paces, and it remained this way for the rest of the endeavor. We encountered a period of a rainy downpour, daunting hilly sections, and the beating sun. We carried on like true champions. Even when things weren’t going as planned, we persevered. A couple of us took tumbles off our bikes, resulting in cuts, bruises, and scrapes. Luckily, Amy and the locals came to the rescue. People driving by were incredibly friendly and generous, which boosted our spirits considerably. We stopped in groups for lunch around 11:30, and some people decided to take a detour to go shopping at local markets.

The last stretch back to the bike shop was the most challenging. After eating a filling lunch, we mustered what strength we had left in our bodies to finish the ride. The finish times ranged from 12:30 to 15:00, and the skipper enjoyed several cups of coffee and a nap on the beach while waiting for his companions to finish. Unfortunately, due to complications, some people took a car back, but everyone felt relieved and accomplished in the end. Upon returning to Ocean Star, we showered and then shuttled back to shore to enjoy a nice beachside dinner at Sunshines. It was really nice to get a break from “boat food” and relax on shore together. We headed back to the boat around 9:00 PM, and people slowly went to bed. Those of us who had anchor watch that night went to sleep a little less merry than the rest.

Anyway, here we are on day 11, about to be 12. The going is rough, but it’s certainly going… a night passage to Dominica lies ahead. Every new day brings mystery and unknown.

Yours truly signing off,

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