Location: 5 44.16'N 50 40.45'W

We are about a day from French Guiana today. We have found a great breeze to sail on and are hoping for it to carry us the rest of the way. We are not expecting to be there long, 24 hours at most. I am now going on 40 days without a warm shower. We are very excited about Barbados. A nice 5-day rest and scuba diving await us there. Until then, we are out here in the middle of nowhere and loving it. We are one big happy family. of 32. nearby for long periods of time. One thing I love about Sea|Mester is that it gives us the opportunity to try things that we most likely would have never gotten the chance to try before. Recently Ive started working with my friend Harrison building different lures and even an alternative way to get a large fish aboard without using a gaff. Today is the first day of this passage where we have been under sail all day. We had a competition between helmsmen of who could get the faster speed going down waves. Life is good out here in the waves and wind.