Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

We awoke at seven still energized by last night’s amazing dance party at the Krazy Koconut and rapidly raised the sails in under 14 minutes prior to breakfast. This morning our assignment was to get from Roseau to Portsmouth, Dominica. Light winds and calm seas were in the forecast. Much like every moment on the boat, we tried to make it a learning experience. We hugged the volcanic coast of Dominica while practicing our recently acquired skills of navigating without a GPS. Sailing fast and effectively, we got to Portsmouth on time. With the excitement of the day grew, we would soon be going to yet another place where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. This time it was calypsos hut on the ire Indian River. This fun-filled destination was tied in with a salinity lab. Everyone split into groups, and we examined the salinity with depth in six different locations along the river. This was an incredible opportunity to blend a lab with hands-on physical experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The landscape was similar to Jurassic Park. Trees 400 years and older scattered the riverside. Calypsos hut had been taken down, but the creepiness was still in the air of where the witch doctor had been. Post dinner, the tribe was very eager to choose which movie we would be watching for our leadership analysis. The vote ended up being The Emperors Cub; an interesting movie made much better with a comfy seat and hot popcorn. There was another amazing sunset tonight onboard ocean star; it’s sad to think we only have 38 left.