Location: Les Saintes

T’was an early start in the land of Dominica when we all began our pre-breakfast sail raise. Why pre-breakfast? Because champions don’t need food to raise five sails on this beautiful schooner of ours! The 20 or so nautical mile trip to Les Saintes began with us screaming towards the islands at 10 knots with both headsails up and Back in Black by AC/DC playing in the background. After navigating through many fish traps covering the entrance to Les Saintes, we arrived at our final resting spot, or so we thought! We had to do a few anchoring maneuvers before we finally decided to stay at our night dive site. Unfortunately during our anchoring, Brandon had a run-in with a family of urchins, needless to say, he came out on top. Diving at night was totally unreal, and seeing the fish doing their nighttime activities was a complete change from diving with them during the day. Squirrelfish, squid, octopus, and fireworms were all out in full force, as were the polyps, which we saw on our first night snorkel. Now, most of us have successfully completed our Advanced Open Water Diver Certification! Woohoo! There is much to celebrate onboard. Also, it is my dad’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad! Hope it was a good one!