Location: Les Saintes

The crew was awakened this morning to the sound of the anchor dropping and confused that their surroundings had changed since their night dive last night. The staff got an early start around 5 am and shared cups of coffee and moved the boat around pain de sucre. After breakfast, students learned about the different layers within the earth and how they affect the bathymetry (underwater topography for all you landlubber non-scientists?) of the ocean floor. Research teams then donned their scuba gear and completed their project dives. One group consisting of Mollie, Brandon, Megan, and Boots is diving to see what effect the boats that utilize moorings have on the corals beneath them. Specifically, they are researching the different diseases that are associated with humans, comparing them with other islands, and the amount of annual use they receive. The other group, Shea, Jon, Sam, and Noah, are interested in which reef fish prefer specific species of corals. They are hoping to gain a better understanding of the behavior and specific habitat requirements for these fish. The crew then headed in town for a French lunch and stroll around the quiet European beach. Some homework and windsurfing ensued upon arrival back on Ocean Star. Dinner was particularly well cooked, and everyone is in a great mood as we all gather around the cockpit for a movie night on the projector that Sam has organized for everyone. If you will excuse me now, I need to begin my stretching in preparation for my mile race versus Boots (she runs marathons) tomorrow. Time will tell if I am still in the same shape I think I am. I haven’t really run since college!.