Location: Slipway, Antigua

We woke up to the smell of bacon this morning on the Ocean Star. Everyone was up and about at 7 am sharp. We got to enjoy eggs, bacon, and french toast on the deck, as well as, a cup of coffee to wake ourselves up. Today would be full of information, most of which we would only retain about 70% of according to Brahm. “Information overload” they call it. The first item on the schedule, aside from breakfast, was reviewing the student handbook and a refresher on the policies and rules that we would have to follow. Next we talked about the PFDs (personal floatation devices) and how to properly use them. Our morning was concluded with a demonstration on how to use the fire hose. We were sadly unable to spray the pelican sitting out in the water, he was just out of reach.

For lunch we enjoyed turkey sandwiches with freshly cooked bread, courtesy of Noah and Erin! Following lunch and cleanup, we played a few games of slightly competitive Uno. Then we got a little look into what the academics will look like for us in an intro to marine biology. I think it will be very interesting to study the ocean while floating just on top of it. Some students were able to take a break after and do some relaxing yoga on the deck, while the others were below working on the first steps to their scuba certification. We finished the afternoon with our first dip in the water! It’s very very salty.

After dinner, we practiced our CPR and then had some time to relax before bed. It was a great first full day!

Photo 1 and 2- Practicing with the fire hose
Photo 3- Katie, Erin, Keaton, and Celia hanging out on the deck
Photo 4- Trying to spray Patrick the Pelican
Photo 5- Playing some Uno
Photo 6- Trying on our PFDs
Photo 7- Enjoying a nice sunset