Location: Galleon Beach, Antigua

Well here we are, day 38 or 40, maybe it’s 37. All I know is that it is a day and my is it a fine one at that as we sit at anchor in one of Antigua prettiest bays. The night was really the start of my day as anchor watch was relatively busy. While the bay we’re in is beautiful, the winds and currents can be rather tricky to manage and set for, so good old Ocean Star decided to have a fine night of swinging around. Luckily, a few eagle eye anchor watches kept us safe from getting near other boats or vice versa and we made it through till the morning when we re-anchored and set out a stern anchor to keep Ocean Star set in her place.

Now the day truly begins…..it began with yet another beautiful wake up from myself. I honestly can’t think of a better way to start the day than having sweet nothings whispered into your ear from a monotoned, relative barotoned englishman and I feel like the 14 shipmates would happily agree with that sentiment as they all woke up in wonderful spirits for the expertly prepared breakfast of Banana Bread made by Hannah. The bread finally proved to be the final plug in the void as I heard the words “I’m Full” come from a few of the shipmates. It’s taken 30+ days, a lot of sweat and blood from Calum and his provisioning skills, possibly buying all of the produce form Antiguas supermarkets but we finally filled some stomachs.

After breakfast the shipmates were able to take part in what I am now calling “Choose Your Own Adventure Time”. This meant that the group largely split up into various groups to go off and do as they please, some went back to the Mermaid Pools on the hike from yesterday. I have been told no mermaids were seen and thus the boys search continues for their soulmates. I did tell them a mermaid is just as equally likely to have a top fish half and human legs so they need to be prepared for that possibility.
Some shipmates opted to have a roam around Nelson’s dockyard which is full of cool building now repurposed for other uses but still maintain the cool aesthetic of old stone and brick buildings, and the reaming shipmates remained either aboard Ocean Star to finish cards, snorkel around the boat or head to the beach, all of which noble activities to partake in.

Upon the return to Ocean Star the crew rejoiced at the sight of lunch. This was however no ordinary lunch but a lunch once again prepared by Hannah and sous chefs. It was chicken sandwiches with all the trimmings…..now let me tell you readers something, you may think you know what a good sandwich is but you don’t, every one you’ve experienced until now has been but a tiny speck in an eternal timeline of forgetful chicken sandwiches because the ones we had today were the equivalent of the big bang of sandwiches, these things started what you know as sandwiches. Anyway they were pretty good is my point.

After lunch the group set out to do some of the last dives of the trip, luckily the dive site is the formiddle Pillars of Hercules. I have never personally met the man himself but based on the size of these pillars, he must’ve been quite a big fella to get those things in place. Luckily below the waterline is equally impressive as the groups were routinely treated to Octopus, many varieties of fish, some rays, honestly it was rather overwhelming. Once the second group got back, many shipmates became members of the elite “Ocean Star Swingers Club” of course I mean setting up the boom swing and enjoying acting like primates swinging through the forest

After a heavy afternoon of various antics the we sat down for breakfast, oh yes my little cherubs, you read that correctly as we had breakfast for dinner or “Brinner” as it’s sometimes known as and yes you guessed it, Hannah once again “Killed it” and “Set it on Fire” or something like that, these are just some phrases i have learned this trip. I assume they mean good things. Anyway, whatever she did it was the best Brinner I have ever had. Dinner was of course followed by the usual squeeze and followed by another night dive for those left with some energy to spare.

I do hope all of you millions of readers have enjoyed reading the blogs up to now, we have certainly enjoyed sharing all of the experiences and pictures with all of you.

I will leave you with some parting wisdom my dear old nan use to say to me:

“You can put a suit on a goat but it’s still a goat but that goat will be the fanciest goat in the field” – Olive Lewis, 2008