Location: Buccament Bay, St. Vincent

Yet another early morning this morning. We had some delicious eggs for breakfast and had a couple of classes this morning. I did not do too well on our seamanship test. It’s ok… we can retake it. We were then given the great news of being able to go out for lunch! It has never felt so good to eat some ice. It was great. I also purchased a nice coconut and put the ice in it. Captain, and I really enjoyed that mix. The old folks on the boat, aka ash, spent the majority of the morning fixing our extremely tangled anchors. Turns out they were so intertwined we couldn’t even tell which one belonged to the port or starboard side! This presented quite the challenge last night, and less so this morning, thankfully. The anchors had been fixed and put back to their correct positions, the sun tarp was being taken off, PFD’s were put on, and we were off to our new destination! Soon after we arrived, about 30 minutes later, we ran into more anchor problems. This was MUCH easier to troubleshoot than yesterday’s ordeal and only took a little more effort to get anchored properly for the next couple of days. Everyone jumped in the ocean for a rinse, dinner was served, we had our traditional squeeze, and here I am! Off to the hammocks for now until I get awoken by the rain and swiftly move downstairs for the remainder of the night.

Pic 1- Lunch views
Pic 2- Backflips
Pic 3- Views from a short journey
Pic 4- Anchor holder