Location: Underway to Gibraltar

What if I told you that watch team 2 was woken up for watch by two masked demons? Unexcepted right? You should have seen their reaction. At 4 am, when watch was handed over from watch team 1 to watch team 2, Will and Celia put on white masks and held up their headlamps to their face to do wake-ups. This has officially been the start of a watch team wake-up competition, and prank ideas are quickly forming in our minds. As a watch team 1 member, I can confidently say that we are determined to find the most creative way to wake people up, so beware, an escalating series of events is expected for the upcoming watches.

The morning was followed by a multiple of (fake) emergency scenarios to practice for tomorrows EFR exam. This included bandaging our necks with drying rags, surviving bleach disasters (again, this is a fake scenario ), and, ironically, splinting our arms with the actual EFR books. We probably tied splints in every wrong way imaginable before doing it correctly, but nevertheless, we had a good time reviewing our skills, and we are now hopefully ready to face any first-aid emergency. After this energetic class, we had to take a few breaths to focus on the ICC exam. If all went well, completing this exam makes us licensed crew members!

As I am writing this, we are watching the movie White Squall. It captures the adventures of the Albatros, a training sailboat, just like Argo, that traveled around the world in the 90s. I think many of us can relate to the Albatros crew. Life aboard a ship has its challenges, but most moments will be life-long memories. In fact, a few minutes ago, there was a scene in the movie where dolphins were swimming right next to the Albatros bowsprit. At the exact same time, we were called by Cate, with a lot of excitement, to hurry up on deck: there were dolphins swimming right beside us. We quickly paused the movie, climbed up the main companionway, and watched a group of 20 dolphins (at least!) jumping in and out of the water during one of the prettiest sunsets weve seen so far. It was LITERALLY a scene straight out of a movie.

I now have to leave you here; the movie is just starting to get interesting, and I need to keep an eye out for more dolphins. I also have some preparations to do for tomorrows wake-ups