Location: Tobago Cays

Today I could really see the crew coming together. We’ve all become much more comfortable with each other and the boat, its funny thinking back to the first day when everything was completely new. After the oceanography class in the morning, we prepared for passage from Union Island to Tobago Cays. During sailing, we practiced tacking and trimming the sails. Everyone had to switch jobs each time so the crew would move around the whole boat and learn each line and sail better. Then we took a break for lunch but not for long when the captain yelled, man overboard! Our first unexpected man-over-board drill, we had to quickly muster in the cockpit and then separate into teams with specific jobs. We managed to rescue Oscar, the flotation device that served as our man overboard, with one of the dinghies. When the passage was done, it was time for a dip in the water and dinner time in the beautiful Tobago Cays.