Location: Tobago Cays

Today was a great day to be a skipper. After everyone scarfed down their breakfast, I let the crew know how good of a day it was going to be. I wrapped it up; then, everyone rushed to get the cleanup done so we could get Marine Biology (OCB) underway. After OCB was finished, the crew rushed up on deck to start snorkeling around the nearest island. The water was as clear as glass; everyone broke out into groups. I personally was swimming about 100 yards from shore when I saw three green sea turtles nearbytwo juveniles and one that looked fully-grown. I looked around to tell someone, but nobody was close by. I followed the turtles for a while, then left to go around the island and meet up with some other people. I saw a juvenile peacock flounder and a lot of other awesome fish. I saw a stingray, but I heard that one group saw a spotted eagle ray! When everyone returned to the boat, we had lunch and then one of the Captain’s Seamanship classes. Right after, everyone raced up the companionway to see Tor rope swinging off the boom. Everyone lined up and started having a blast.

I was one of the last to go, so the anticipation was killer. Tor showed us how to do a backflip off of it, and one person had given it a go but to no avail. I got up and yelled America as I swung over and did a backflip on my first try! Then a bunch of people started doing backflips, but none were as professional looking as the Captains (Ben). When everyone was finished, a handful of people got certified in driving the zodiac while my friend, Mines, and I started grilling up burgers for everyone. They were delicious! Now we’re about to watch a movie while eating freshly baked brownies. After that, I’m going to grab a hammock and layout underneath the Milky Way gaping at her beauty before I drift off to sleep. I can’t wait.