Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Coming off the back of a huge trivia win (second place), the Ocean Star staff rose this morning to a new sense of optimism. Breakfast in the morning Caribbean sun was followed by class, with Student Leadership Development proceeded by Marine Biology. A first chance to explore Grenada came after classes, with the group either heading around the island, taking in the sights, or heading into town to collect provisions. The sightseers amongst us were collected by Ken, a local taxi driver, at the Prickly Bay Marina. We headed east along the south coast of the island. Cliff-top views of the sea were accompanied by flower gardens full of bright bougainvillea flowers, as our driver Ken took us along the winding Grenadian roads. The first stop came in Glenville, with lunch at a roti stand. In addition to the great local food, the friendly locals chatted with us and gave us an assortment of brightly colored hats. After a mini photoshoot, we continued on to the Belmont Estate cocoa plant. The sweet smell of fresh chocolate was accompanied by the shrill voice of a talking Amazonian parrot called Rainbow. Baby tortoises and parakeets completed the tour, and we piled back into the taxi (through the window in Brooke and Keeley’s case!). Next on the tour was a stop at the Rivers rum distillery for a chance to look at a traditional rum production factory, first established in 1785. We were guided around the site by a rum enthusiast who took great pleasure in telling all there is to know about the process, from the water-powered wheel to fermentation tanks. Ken’s magical mystery tour took us next to the crater of an extinct volcano, which now forms a large lake full of cichlids and carp. The majority of the tour party then discovered what it was like to have a fish nibbling on your appendages as fingers and toes made their way amongst the throngs of fish. Finally, we made our way to one of the highest points on the island in an attempt to view some of the local monkeys. Ken assured us that the best way to attract monkeys was to hold a banana above your head while shouting oom . . . oom in your best chimp voice. Whether due to the terror of 12 tourists in incredibly bright hats or for another reason, the monkeys were a no show, and we were forced to make our way back to the dock in full voice with Disney tunes sang full blast out of the taxi windows! Meeting up with the rest of the group back on Ocean Star, the day finished with an oceanography quiz, before a few fair-wells to first mate Matty, who shall be leaving us in the morning. Safe travels, and good luck, Matty! We shall miss you!