Location: Grenada

The day started with an early wake-up and quick breakfast before heading to shore for a fun-filled day. We got to explore more of beautiful Grenada on our early morning hike at Mt Qua Qua. We hiked through the rainforest, and after some rain showers, we all had fun on the slippery mud trail. After the hike, we had lunch by the lake and continued our search for monkeys. Once we arrived at the Seven Sisters waterfalls, we were greeted by our guide Super Butterfly. We went on a short hike and arrived at the waterfalls. Super Butterfly led most of us on an adventure of leaping off several different waterfalls. Many of us were taken aback by the intensity, but it was all worth it when we jumped from the highest waterfall at 35 feet. After swimming around in the freshwater pools, we went back to Ocean Star. We had a delicious steak dinner, followed by a Marine Bio class, where we prepared for the upcoming test. Everyone went to sleep quite tired.