Location: Roseau, Dominica

At 7 o’clock sharp, the Ocean Star crew was woken up to various ringtones I found on my phone. For breakfast, our head chef Jack labored over granola and yogurt, a combo that everyone can appreciate. The rest of the day, we planned to go on a bus tour all over the beautiful island of Dominica. Our tour guides SeaCat and Stowe met us on the dock at approximately 8:40, they then crammed us all into two vans, and we were off. As we drove, our tour guides made sure to fit as much info into each stop as possible, so we learned all kinds of things, such as where nutmeg comes from, the tastiest part of a banana tree, how lemongrass can be used as a mosquito repellant and so much more. As we traversed the gorgeous coastal roads, we encountered many great vistas and took even greater photos (mainly Max and Gabriel).

Around noon we arrived at the first of the two major attractions, the emerald pool waterfall, which the crew was ecstatic to go for a swim in and stretch our legs. We began our descent down a short winding path through the hurricane-swept jungle and down a small cliff, before arriving at a gorgeous waterfall. Smiles were had as the crew explored nooks and crannies of the site and took great photos of each other. After maybe a few too many pictures, we decided to trek back to our vans and head off to learn more about the people, places, and food Dominica had to offer. Our next stop was at a small house on the side of the road where we got out and were greeted by our guide, SeaCat, dishing out delicious locally made chocolate fresh from the pan. Our final and most exciting stop was two large waterfalls at Trafalgar called the mother and the father. The climb there was great fun as we clambered our way up to big and small boulders alike, our harrowing climb was greatly rewarded by the roaring mouth of the father waterfall and a lovely pool that functioned as the mouth of the river. After we had swum around for a while, we decided to make the climb back, and on the way, down many of us discovered an amazing hot spring that our guide told us was 105 Celsius, the perfect temp for a relaxing bath. After lounging in the water for longer than I’d like to admit, a light downpour had started, and our tour guide suggested we leave in case of a flash flood. After a long day discovering Dominica, we headed back to Ocean Star. Morale was high as we navigated the pothole-ridden roads of the town where we were anchored. The tour was great, and many of the crew hold it in high regard. Fun was had, memories were made, and overall it was not a bad day.