Location: Portsmouth, Dominica

Today was the first day the “staff job wheel” was integrated into the “student job wheel.” What that means is that we are supposedly ready to take more responsibility for the entire process of sailing Ocean Star. Therefore, the day started out with prepping the boat for passage to make our way to Portsmouth, on the north side of Dominica, which would take about three hours. After the crew prepped the boat, including tidying the boat and raising the sails, some students started working on their rescue diver certification, while others were on watch.

Once we got to Portsmouth, our group got to go on dry land. However, gravitating to water as we water-lovers do, we did not stay on dry land for long but instead simply headed from saltwater to freshwater on a river tour. It was one of the more relaxing excursions that we have done so far. It consisted of a boat ride for about half an hour (where we didn’t have to take down any lines, make any food, or clean anything at all) to a small cafe where we got the most delicious passion fruit juice with… wait for it… ICE! It seemed to be the coldest drink I have ever had, so it got me thinking about the amazing process of making the small little-frozen cubes. Refrigeration was apparently not invented for home use until 1913, and there are plenty of homes today that still have no electricity at all, not to mention refrigeration, which gave me a whole new appreciation for my drink. I digress… but all that is to say that we really, really, enjoyed our cold passion fruit juices!

On the way back to Ocean Star, we added some science to our relaxing boat ride. We checked salinity and temperature in eight different parts of the river. Once the data was collected, we gave it back to the people that took us on the river tour, who have been collecting this data for several years.

After our wonderful riverboat tour, the night was finished with one of the most beautiful sunsets we have had on our trip. I do not have pictures because we were enjoying it so much — so sorry mom (and all the other parents who think that each statement in these travel logs must be backed up by a photo). Just know that it was amazing, and the picture never does it justice anyway. We ended the night by doing a class on deck tonight because it was so hot below. Regardless of the reason, we all got to enjoy the breeze, the stars in the night sky, and the gentle roll of the ocean… the little details that drew us to Ocean Star in the first place.