Location: Mountain Pt., B.V.I

Today began with a beautiful rainbow in Savannah Bay while we munched on bagels on the stern of our home, Ocean Star. After breakfast, we had our first Oceanography class, where we were introduced to the ideas of plate tectonics and deep-sea hydrothermal vents. The class was followed by introductions to the ‘station bill,’ where we learned what watch teams we would be on for passages and what responsibilities were given to each team in the event of an emergency onboard. This included learning to respond to a fire onboard, flooding, and a man-overboard situation. After learning to fight fires, we picked up both our anchors and motored a short way to Mountain Point, our dive site, for the next two days. The Open Water divers had their first dive out of confined water, and all were excited to see the beautiful fish that reside on Caribbean coral reefs. The certified divers had a fun dive along the wall of Mountain Point and were treated to visits by stingrays and a sea turtle. Now our bellies are full of fried rice, and after cleanup, we will complete our Emergency First Responder certification. Another full day of diving awaits us tomorrow!