Location: Underway to Vanuatu

Today was a HELM of a day. Every watch team was up and ready on time to SEA what the ocean had in SHORE for us. Watch team two was especially good. DOLPHINATELY the best watch team Argo has seen. WHALE let me tell you about them, we have professional Turk’s headies on our crew. These Turk’s heads can also turn into very fashionable bracelets for one’s friend or to sway someone who one is attracted too. In addition to Turk’s heads, we also have SQUALLity DJ’s. When watch gets slow and people start to get CRABBY, we might just break out into a dance party. At the end, we all have to take a BOW. We were over-HELMED by Jim’s fake sail raising TACK-tics telling us that we MAST get on deck. The BUOYS and GALES have been getting along SWIMMINGLY. Boat couples are at an all-time high. Gets a little DOCK-ward sometimes when the couples try to escape off to bow watch. That being SAND, at least the bow watch sunsets are a romantic and great time to share TimTam chocolates. The CORAL of this story is that everyone has been very positive and supportive of each other. No one has been too STERN with each other. This passage has been SWELL and an imPORTant bonding experience. Hopefully, this blog has really SAILED Argo to your readers. BUOY has it been fun for us. Time flies, and soon this trip will be FINished #lastnightwillgetemotional.