Location: The Ladder, Saba

We woke up this morning in beautiful Saba (Picture 1), the first Dutch island we’ve frequented. After breakfast, with no dock to accommodate us, we swam to shore. Beaten by the waves and tired, we nonetheless managed to hike up an 800-step staircase, the Ladder, in order to access a town aptly called Bottom. After a quick stop by the ATM (Picture 2), we proceeded to visit the Bourg, which was surprisingly quaint and very charming (Pictures 3, 4 & 5). We even stumbled upon a boutique named El Momo (Picture 6), making our beloved first mate the star of the hour. We then hiked our way to the other side of the island, past a medical school specializing in dive accidents (Picture 7), to the town of Windwardside (Pictures 8 & 9 . Here, the group visited Jobean’s glass art studio, where we were able to make our own glass beads (Picture 10. After a long morning full of excitement, we hitchhiked our way back to the Ladder (Picture 10), and Captain Jack hailed Ocean Star to come and pick us up (Picture 11. On the ship, we had a Marine Biology class while some of the crew enjoyed the view from the bowsprit (Picture 12. We then participated in a very exciting game night organized by our very own Scott and Carly prior to watching a movie on the projector! The last picture, number 13, was added; it offers a splendid view of Ocean Star from the top of the Ladder.