Location: Statia

We started today with two amazing dives in Saba. Directly after breakfast we loaded our gear into a dive boat and headed off for some of the most famous dive sites around. Our first dive was especially exciting because it was the deepest dive we’ve done to date, reaching about 115 feet deep. It’s incredible the spread of marine life and that because of diving we are able to get a glimpse at life 115 feet below the water. Even though we were told there was a good possibility of seeing them it was still a huge moment for many of us to see not one but two different sharks while on the first dive. It was early on in the dive when I looked up to see many signaling the diver hand signal for shark and sure enough looking to my right I saw a reef shark off in the distance. Just shortly after we also encountered a nurse shark laying calmly on the bottom near the reef. After a break on the boat we grabbed new tanks and went off for our second dive. This dive is known as “The Tent” and was a huge reef covered with a wide variety of colorful marine life. From turtles to crabs to fish all colors of the rainbow we saw it all. We then returned to Ocean Star for we were bound for Statia just off in the distance. Once anchored here in Statia we gave Ocean Star a good cleaning and gathered for dinner and talk of how things were better in the “olden days”. It is still not believable that our time here is coming close to an end already!