Location: Port St. Charles, Barbados

It was a strange feeling today waking up to a still boat. Since leaving Cape Town nearly two months ago, we have either been underway or at anchor until yesterday, when we finally got onto a dock. The calm allowed Argo’s crew to get a good rest and wake up refreshed. Many members of the crew even rose early to go running or do yoga, both of which are difficult in un-sheltered anchorages where the boat continuously rocks. Our new view is even better than the calm dock. Miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise beaches stretch to the horizon. Finally, we are in the Caribbean – or just about if you want to be geographically specific.
After a delicious breakfast of French toast prepared by head chef Sam, we dove into boat appreciation in order to bring Argo back to her normal illustrious shine. The crew broke into teams in order to knock out all the tasks. As per usual, cabins were cleaned, the galley and salon dusted, and topsides washed of salt and dirt. In addition, Claire, Jia Her, Rob, Eli, Katie, Josh, and Dylan helped me wax and rust bust Argo’s entire port side. It was hot and sweaty work under the tropical sun, but it was gratifying to see Argo shine as the Megayacht Exuma docked alongside.
During the afternoon, the open water dive class met to go over equipment preparation and discuss our confined water dives, which begin tomorrow. Tom, Ben, and Lexi set up with me and are sure to excel tomorrow. After we broke down the gear, we talked about the skills that we would need to execute and how we would communicate underwater. I’m super excited to begin diving, my personal favorite Seamester activity, with the current crew. It’s going to be awesome.
Before a chicken Alfredo dinner, we discussed comical moments in our lives that had inspired the thought, ‘so this is what my life has come to,’ during the squeeze. We are now settling in for oceanography class before another eagerly anticipated full night of sleep!