Location: Dominica

Another early start today. By 8:15, we were at Dive Dominica just down the road, ready for a morning of diving. The first dive was Witch’s Peak, a wall dive. This dive was super exciting because this was a good bit of our crew’s first wall dives! Everyone was stoked after the dive because we were fortunate enough to see a lot of cool sea life like frogfish, eels, sea turtles, and balloon fish. The second dive was called Champagne because it was located over a volcanic area. This dive was particularly fun because of the bubbles (hence the dive site name) and warm sand from hot freshwater being pushed up from beneath the sediment. After diving, we all made out way back to Ocean Star. Some of us ate lunch on shore while others opted for a sandwich lunch on board. After lunch, some shipmates went to explore the town, while the majority of the crew spent the rest of the afternoon on a whale watching tour. Despite listening to the hydrophone to track down the sperm whales, we were unsuccessful in our quest for whales. Not even a whale dance brought them our way. However, we were lucky enough to see hundreds of Pantropical Spotted and Spinner dolphins. The pod stayed with us for about 30 minutes, and some of our crew were able to get some awesome pictures. Big thanks to Dive Dominica for taking us out diving and whale watching today! Back on board, we had a great dinner of chicken curry and sat down for the squeeze question. The fun ball is in full roll here on Ocean Star, and everyone is excited for the rest of our time in Dominica. We are almost at the halfway point of this trip. I am excited about more adventures and to continue getting to know this crew.