Location: Essaouira, Morocco

Touchdown Africa! We have arrived in Morocco early this morning. CJ, our head chef today, made us some delicious stuffed peppers with rice and green beans for lunch! We followed lunch with a much-needed boat appreciation; after four days on the sea, Argo needs a good cleaning. Everyone did a deep clean of their bunks, gave the walls a thorough wipe down, and the deck a good scrubbin’. Pictured is Ben and Tait on the boom, putting Argo to bed while we are anchored in Essaouira for the next couple of days. We got some free time to do whatever we wanted, some played games, took the time to catch up on homework and studying, naps, and some did laundry. The rain came our way tonight, so we got to eat dinner in the saloon. The chefs whipped us up buffalo chicken sandwiches, asparagus, and baked beans. Pictured is Aric, Dana, Cylas, Ben, and Jackie getting their meals. Also, CJ, Tim, and Amanda scoopin’ up nom noms. A few of the guys got a little crazy after dinner and took hot sauce shots. They took them like champs, but it gave them a good sweat. We are ending our first day in Morocco with Oceanography class and a destination presentation to see what we have planned for the next few days here!