Location: Underway to Essaouira

As we continue our journey to Essaouira, the rain shows itself in bursts. Watch team 3 took the deck this morning for the 8-12 watch with the inclination of a very wet watch; however, it turned out to be a beautiful day with little precipitation. The sun has been getting lazier and lazier, not showing itself properly today until well past 0800, so we decided to go back in time an hour to make up the difference. Our chefs today did a fantastic job filling up our stomachs with some delectable eats. After lunch, the students had Seamanship class with Tina, where they talked about all the tiny details and paperwork you need onboard to take a boat from one country to the next. After that, Amanda had an Oceanography class about salinity and how it changes with latitude and depth. Underway showers with the crisp Atlantic ocean on deck were a sweet relief. We have been keeping a keen eye out for whales and other creatures, but so far, we have been unsuccessful. All the watch teams are finding their rhythm, and conversations at 0200 have never been more lively, including what type of bread you would be, what type of appetizer is your favorite, and national park adventures. Our squeeze question for the evening took some time and thought, but I chose to ask everyone what was one small moment in their life they never wanted to forget. My moment happened to be on this very boat five years ago when I was in the shipmates’ shoes. I discussed the first moment I laid eyes on a wild Galapagos tortoise and how you live your whole life dreaming of seeing something, and you never forget the moment it becomes real life. It was a pleasant squeeze that got everyone to open up a little more about their personal life and the things that matter to every one of us aboard this 112-ft boat. The evening ended on a positive note as the sunset created a beautiful backdrop for another fantastic day.

P.S. Give those niblings a kiss for my mom!

Pictured above: Ben at the helm, Aric and Jackie as driers, James and CJ helping out and deckie, and part of watch team 3 enjoying the weather (Amy on the helm, Jackie, Natalie, Matthew, and Sydney).

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